To turn the best practices in character and life skills development into transformative games and to share what we learn along the way.

To transform lives through games.

After seeing many academically successful students struggle as adults, our founder began to wonder how we could better prepare them for life. The research is clear. Certain habits and skills are critical for success. They go by many names: 21st century skills, non-cognitive skills, social emotional learning…We call them “character and life skills.”

Can games help to build character and life skills? They already do. Every time we fail and try again, we display grit. Every time we strive to improve our gameplay, we demonstrate growth mindset. We do these things without thinking because they are stepping stones to our entertainment. But what if games built character and skills intentionally and were aligned with science? What if we could transfer what we learn in the game world to the real world?

What if we could transform lives through games?