Indie Game Dev Chat: Tony Powell of Philosoplay

Success. What does it take to achieve it? There are a lot of factors, but the biggest determinant is your character. But what is character, and how do you develop it?

Here at Transformed Games, we’re exploring the intersection of games, character, and education. This is our first video in a series of short chats with game developers. How did they get started? What keeps them going? What lessons can they share? Even if you’re not a game developer, I hope that their insights will help you pursue whatever your passion is.

To kick things off is Tony Powell of Philosoplay talking about passion and grit.

A.J. Ashman, high school senior, on success, character, and education

Ah, teenagers. They make you shake your head for all sorts of reasons, and sometimes it’s amazement. Recently, I had an insightful chat with A.J. Ashman, a high school senior, on some of today’s hottest topics including success, character, and education. Check out the above video and the below Q&A. I think that you will be struck by his thoughfulness and maturity as I was.

Debate over America’s education system is reaching fever pitch, and it is high time to have a serious discussion about the purpose of an education. Too often, such discussions are confined to bureaucrats, lobbyists, scholars, and teachers. This is a mistake. Let’s include our young people as well because, as A.J. demonstrates, they have valuable insights to contribute. It’s their future we are talking about here. Grant them a role in shaping it.  (more…)